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•Renewable energies development, in particular, green hydrogen production, is on the top news, reflecting the changes experienced by the energy sector through the world, and particularly in Algeria.

•Many countries look for innovative solutions to reduce the use of fossil fuels and contribute to the fight against climate change.

•Algeria has a national renewable energy development program of which the implementation was entrusted by the public authorities to the Sonelgaz Group.

•Sonelgaz Group launched in March 2023, through its subsidiary Sonelgaz-Renewable Energies, a national and international call for tenders for the achievement of the first large-scale renewable energy project.

•15 photovoltaic solar power plants, with a unit power varying between 80 and 220 MWp, for a total power of 2000 MWp, are to be built over 11 southern and highlands Wilayas, which are part of the national program aiming for a total capacity of 15,000 MW by 2035.

•Algerian companies have been invited to participate concretely in theses renewable energy projects.

•At the same time, the development of hydrogen is listed as a government priority, in the perspective of a diversified and sustainable economy, and to accelerate the energy transition. For green hydrogen, Algeria has the potential and the necessary assets to play a pivotal role on the world market.

•A national Hydrogen plan, in particular "green", is implemented by the Government, on the basis of a roadmap which includes three stages: start-up via pilot projects (2023 to 2030), expansion and creating markets (2030 to 2040) and industrializing and exporting (2040 to 2050).

•In accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic, the roadmap is part of the National Hydrogen Strategy, which focuses on; diversification of the energy mix, reduction of local consumption of fossil fuels, clean hydrogen ecosystem development, as well as the technological control of the hydrogen value chain, and establishment of hydrogen national economy and its derivatives, as well as the constitution of a hub for production and export of this energy.

•Sonatrach is committed to start pilot projects for the production of green hydrogen.


•    The national hydrogen strategy, reference for national and International players

•    Hydrogen, a clean energy

•    Resources and potentialities in Algeria

•    The emergence of start-ups and specialized SMEs/SMIs, throughout the chain of value of components dedicated to renewable energies.

•    Valorization of the results of scientific research in this field

•    Development of renewable energy storage systems

•    The integration of renewable energies into the Algerian electricity network

•    Achieving energy security

•    Foreign partnership


•    Clean and sustainable transport

•    Agriculture and rural development

•    Water resources

•    Public lighting

•    Services


•    Control of consumption in the economic and residential sectors

•    Energy recovery from waste management





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